Top musicians in Doha for Oud festival


Some of the finest Oud musicians in the world have gathered in Doha to enthrall music lovers at “The Fifth String” oud festival which opens today at the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara.
The festival is considered a first in the region which celebrates the oud – a stringed instrument central to Arabic music-and brings together oud musicians from the east and the west together on one platform.
To be held at various venues in Katara, the four-day festival will feature ensembles and individual performances by renowned oud musicians in addition to seminars, exhibitions of various types of oud and discussions on the history and current trends of oud music.
The festival will witness performances by some of the greatest names in oud music from Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Tanzania, France, Serbia, and Kosovo.
The festival, which runs until Tuesday, will kick off today with an opening event which includes a lecture on the musical career and influence on Western music of Ziryab-an immensely talented ninth century musician considered one of the most influential music figures of his time.
An exhibition of ancient musical instruments including various types of oud will also open today at Building 19 which will also host discussions and performances.“History of oud making,” “Oud in music academies,” and “Oud industry in Turkey” are among the topics to be discussed during the course of the festival.
Today’s program also includes rendition of “Andalusian repertoires for oud and orchestra” composed by Dr. Mohammed Al-Mejri, a professor specialized in the Oud instrument to be performed by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at 8pm. Al-Mejri will also launch his book at the festival.
The grand finale will highlight performance by renowned oud musicians, Abadi Al-Jowher and Ahmad Fathi.
The festival will also see the participation of oud makers from Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Germany.

The festival highlights Katara’s efforts to promote all art forms, by inviting maestros in the field of performing arts, to present at one of the best venues in the region.
Oud enthusiasts and music lovers can avail of free tickets on offer at the Katara Opera House or online on Katara’s official website.