Third edition of The Color Run


Third edition of The Color Run™ in Qatar wraps up at QNCC

Over 7,200 participants turned out for this year’s event making it the biggest edition of The Color Run™ in Qatar so far. Young and old, and from all walks of life, completed the ‘Happiest 5K on the planet’ on Saturday, 28th February, 2017.

All color runners were splattered with a wide assortment of bright and colorful tropical colors for ever kilometer of the course that they completed right up to the finish line.

Each runner was given a limited edition Tropicolor racing shirt, an embroidered headband along with a tropical flower lei and temporary fun and lively tattoos.

Qatar Living was a media sponsor for The Color Run™ in Qatar again this year.

The Tropicolor World was made up of an explosion of colors in the Tropicolor Zone, palms trees complete with island-type music, a Rainbow beach and the larger-than life celebrations at the Finish Festival.

There was a huge celebration on the colorful world, photo opportunities and huge color throw which ensured everyone was covered with colors bright and vivid.

With 7,200 Color Runners, Doha has once again demonstrated Qatar’s vision to encourage residents to lead healthier and happier lives.

The third edition of The Color Run™ presented by Sahtak Awalan: Your Health First celebrated health, happiness and individuality and encouraged participants of all ages and abilities to focus on their lifestyle and well-being.

Photo Credits: Ameer Abdul Razak