St Christopher’s supports the United World Schools project


Following the success of St Christopher’s Infant and Junior Schools’ project, in association with United World Schools (UWS), to raise funds to build a school in Cambodia, the Senior School students embarked on their own challenge to fund, again in association with UWS, the building of a school in Gurase, Nepal. The school was officially opened to students in May 2016 and St Christopher’s continues to fundraise in order to sustain the project to benefit the community.

Many of the children in Gurase previously had to walk 3-4 hours to reach the nearest school through difficult and dangerous terrain, crossing rivers using unstable rope bridges was often a routine feature of the journey.

Funds raised have been used to build a school, including a library, and to provide clean water and teaching resources for 200 students and 2 teachers. The support for the project is very strong at St Christopher’s and many of our students have been inspired to become very actively involved in supporting this worthy cause.

Monsoon season was particularly severe in Nepal this year, meaning the UWS teams had some trouble accessing the school for updates, but Emma Tierney from UWS has been in contact to inform us of the progress in Gurase: “despite the weather, the school is developing very well and the there are lots of students attending, especially girls, which is wonderful to see!”

Teacher training has also begun in the UWS central office in Mude, these education officers will in turn train the local teachers in schools like Gurase. The local “School Support Committee” oversees the school and is becoming increasingly involved in school life which is really helpful in encouraging parents to support their children’s education.

The UWS teams have been working on decorating the building and classrooms, and ensuring all children in the school have their own UWS school bag. This is a great way to make children identify with the school, and since this initiative we have seen an increase in parents dropping children at lessons and ensuring they attend since handing these out.