Oud festival features world’s top musicians


Some of the finest Oud musicians in the world captivated the audience with a spellbinding performance at the opening of the inaugural ‘The Fifth String’ Festival at Katara Opera House.

The festival, which will go on until tomorrow, features some of the greatest names in Oud music from Qatar, the Middle East and beyond, including France, Serbia, and Kosovo.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, said: “The Oud festival comes under the series of initiatives that Katara adopts to intertwine art and culture. The event bridges the gap between cultures, enforcing music as an essential pillar in building such bridges. The strings of the traditional wooden instrument, the Oud, create music that every person, irrespective of where he is from, can identify with.”

The organisers of the event have made arrangements for a wide range of performances, that are guaranteed to interest both a casual visitor and the keen music lover. These include concerts at Katara Opera House, performances at Ziryab theatre and an Oud exhibition in building 19, gallery 1, and Khaliji sessions in building 19 Gallery 2. These events feature performances by Arab musicians including famous names such as Khalid Al Shaikh from Bahrain, Dr Ibrahim Tami from Kuwait, Salem Al Meqarshi from Oman, Ehab Mohammed from Saudi Arabia, and Mohamed Al Sulaiti from Qatar.

At Katara’s Amphitheatre, a Tanzanian band called Al-Salam and the French Speed Caravan Trio Band performed yesterday. Today’s programme will feature performances by the Armed Forces, Khaliji Oud session and other renowned musicians from 4pm to 4.30pm. At Ziryab’s theatre, Oud Amateurs, supervised by Basir Al Najjar, will present their musical pieces starting at 3pm. Building 19, which houses ancient musical instruments including Oud, is open to visitors daily from 10am to 8pm.

A solo performance by an Omani artist will be held from 3pm until 4pm. A session titled ‘In memory of Pioneers’, will take place from 6pm to 7pm. At 11 am the history of Oud making will be presented by Nazih Ghadban and Maurance Farouk.  An open-discussion about Ziryab’s music career will take place at building 19 tomorrow.