Must-try healthy restaurants in Qatar


We eat – lament about pounds gained – eat some more to forget our weight woes – gain more pounds – worry – exercise; and repeat the cycle for umpteen times before realizing something. Our bodies are asking for a healthier change. Even if you feel you haven’t reached that point yet, there are a number of excellent eateries in Qatar that have opted to serve fresh, organic and green food. Give them a go to experience healthy living.

As part of our QL Foodie Month, we feature some popular eateries and cafes that aim to promote healthy eating habits in a flavorful style.

1 – Al Jazeera Café

Located at Katara, AL Jazeera brings a unique flavor of health. Enrich your body and mind with healthy food and news. State-of-the-art technology assists the café décor and you simply order your menu through the tabletop touchscreen tablets. Interesting features include an interactive media studio, a live broadcast unit and a small museum exhibit. The menu is composed of healthy options that are organic and freshly produced from Qatar’s farms.

2 – Evergreen Organics

Qatar’s first vegan café is all set to welcome health eaters in its embrace in September. Co-founder, Ghanim Al Sulaiti believes in the nourishing power of plant-based diet. He went through trial and error methods himself until he became a firm follower of vegetarian food after getting amazing results. The café will serve vegan, fresh, organic menu, with a juice bar catering to a special cleanse diet. The menu is entirely sugar free and gluten free, and its serving and packaging are all eco-friendly. Green is the theme!

3 – Salad Boutique

Aspire Zone has a gem of a health eatery tucked away inside the sprawling green fields. The name denotes the health focus; however, portion sizes come across as pleasant surprises to all who venture there. Salads are well worth the money with large platefuls of the healthiest crunches and bites you can imagine. Their pastas and main courses are also famous, but it’s a haven for health conscious people who want salads alone.

4 – Which Wich

Create your own sandwich by ticking the healthy choices of fillings on the bag. Hand over the bag to the staff and voila! Your delicious and healthy sandwich is ready. They also include the option of breadless sandwiches, with lettuce serving as a wrap for filling.

5 – Chef’s Garden

Located in Marwan Club, it boasts of fresh produce right out of its own garden. Situated in beautiful, well-manicured lawns, the restaurant is proud to serve the freshest of organic food, created in the spirit of healthy eating. Enjoy the farm-to-table organic delights while your children play in the well-manicured lawns of the restaurant.

6 – Meesh Café

The café with a zing to it; Meesh Café offers healthy eating options in an edgy, trendy and comfy environment. Sitting inside The Crowne Plaza, its menu includes ‘grab-and-go’ healthy salads, sandwiches and dessert options as well as raw, cold-pressed juices.

7 – Diet House

The name says it all. You get what you ask for, in the name of diet; with the added advantage of tasty combos. Located in Bin Omran, it is a must-go for anyone on a diet who doesn’t have the time to create diet-specific meals.

8 – Vitamin Palace

Indeed loaded with vitamins, the fruit spiraling from ceiling to floor in this juice shop’s interior will convince you. Among several juice joints in Al Nasr, Vitamin Palace stands out because of its variety of fresh juices and smoothies. Snacks adorn the menu as well, including shwarmas, sandwiches, wraps, burgers and desserts.

9 – Dean & David

Dean & David focuses on fresh salads, juices and curries. Customers looking to a healthier lifestyle easily gravitate to this friendly place at The Pearl Qatar. Their menu caters to various themes according to cultural tastes, yet stay true to the core with the healthiest choices.

10 – Fruitella

Order the juice of your fruit dreams and you will get it here. Fruitella has an amazing variety of fresh fruits, all of which are freshly squeezed and blended into delicious concoctions of your choice.