Major Gains for STME Records Second Consecutive Double-Digit Growth in 2016

  • Huge potential in Middle East especially KSA, UAE, Qatar, and Egypt says STME CEO
  • Security division records unprecedented growth

STME, the Middle East’s leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator (SI), headquartered in Dubai, today revealed its major achievements, milestones, and growth during the year 2016. Although, 2016 was a rather tough year, STME through innovation of products and services, partner and vendor dedication and collaboration, and client commitment recorded an impressive double-digit growth over 2015. The company also signed on 34 new clients.

The most impressive of all developments in 2016, however, was the unprecedented growth recorded from STME’s IT security division. Having only just launched the security division in 2015, the department’s skilled employees developed products and services from solutions perspective (rather than vendors’ perspective) to win large and sophisticated security projects from elite clients. “The dedication of the team in delivering and building innovative security products and services that STME is known for lead to great market penetration in the areas of cyber security. I am convinced it is our fabulous teamwork which ensures great quality that helped us achieve the aggressive growth rates in this sector,” commented Mr. Ayman Albayaa, CEO, STME.

Indeed, for over 30 years, STME’s products and services have become synonymous with high quality and innovation having pioneered and established various bundling solutions by combining the best of vendor products to offer clients a unique and holistic solution. Having System Integration at the core of our DNA has helped us in the pursuit of new solutions. We boldly attempt and succeed in making technologies that some say would not work well together, function effectively and efficiently to meet our clients’ objectives. Our innovation in the areas of operations and strategic planning will deepen in 2017,” noted Mr. Albayaa.

A stronger focus on cloud solutions, managed services, consultancy and pay-as-you-go options or OpX over CapX models is currently fuelling the innovation drive at STME. Further, the company wants to strengthen their certifications and partnerships. “To do this, we are expanding our technologies, and upgrading our certification to match those available in the market. All of this is done with our clients’ in mind, to achieve the best ROI and run their critical business operations smoothly,” explained Mr. Albayaa.

Speaking on the status of the industry, Mr. Albayaa, said: “Already in Q1 of 2017 there is some upward trajectory of the markets. The IT security sector, cloud services, big data, business intelligence, storage and backup, business continuity and all aspects of data management are booming in 2017. We especially see huge potential around the Middle East, especially in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt. We are very optimistic, and believe we will be able to record yet another two-digit growth in 2017.”


About STME:

The Middle East’s leading solutions provider and systems integrator, STME has established strategic partnerships with a broad range of IT system manufacturers, to enable the delivery of the best-of-breed solutions of any scale or complexity. Since 1982 STME was built on a solid foundation of storage provision to provide turnkey integrated system solutions for some of the Middle East’s most important business-critical data. Acknowledged as the region’s premier end-to-end enterprise IT solutions provider, STME delivers unparalleled service through a team of highly qualified solution design specialists.