LalaBella Events Boutique opened their second branch in Moda Mall


Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, Chairman of Tamkeen, LalaBella Events Boutique opened their second flowers and chocolates branch in Moda Mall, in the presence of a group of dignitaries, business ladies, and entrepreneurs among a number of journalists and media professionals. Where he reviewed LalaBella’s goals and efforts to become international through the establishment of the first International Flower School in the Kingdom of Bahrain to serve the region needs to train professional Florists, amateurs and flower business owners who are based in Bahrain and the Middle East in general.

During the visit, VIP’s where walked through a big display of flowers decorated in Bel-Air 1957 classic car, merging past and present in the presentation of the capacity and potential of Bahraini women in creativity and design of various fields, including flower arranging and organizing events.

Nahla Al-Mahmoud, General Manager of LalaBella said ” I always had the dream to open my own business, and since we started this journey end of 2012, we can never neglect the major and direct support of (Tamkeen), which had a great impact on the project growth and development of the business of what is now reached after four years of establishment. It is an honor and I am delighted to accept the role of the great empowerment of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa, to touch the living reality of such a successful Bahraini projects that create new customer needs in the market base and work to create new jobs for Bahrainis.

Following that, His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa, Chairman of “Tamkeen” said: “Tamkeen always working to support institutions and Bahraini individuals through all stages of their development, as this is considered a key to enable the achievement of business goal by making the private sector the main ingredient for growth in the Kingdom GDP, and from within, we must provide opportunities to Bahrainis to be able to access markets beyond the borders of the Kingdom, and therefore, represents our support for such a promising businesses to establish themselves in such an important positions as MODA Mall complex indicating the orientation of empowerment to support Bahrainis efforts and work with them to prove themselves in the market and reach a larger audience and wider”

It is worth mentioning that LalaBella Events Boutique was established end of 2012 as an event management company, expanding later to add a professional team of floral designers to meet the needs of these events from the flowers and chocolates.  Aiming now is to establish the first international flower school in the middle east in collaboration with civil society institutions like UNIDO and the National Initiative for Agricultural Development.