Katara inaugurates One-of-a-kind Doll Exhibition


A unique exhibition of the artist Siamak Azmi using images of dolls to convey a message, has been inaugurated at the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), on Thursday.

The simple title of the display – ‘Dolls Exhibition’ – contrasts with the complexity of emotions that it evokes in the visitor. The series of pictures are made up entirely of dolls, and by means of different facial expressions on the dolls, the artists cleverly presents the commodification of modern life and the subsequent effects on humanity.

Comparing life to an auction, the pictures portray human existence as having degraded to a point where people are no more than saleable dolls, forced to conceal their real emotions.

The various forms, colors and expressions in the images serve to effectively tell the story of human existence, as one that has become mechanical, repetitive and defined by the products they consume, or seek to acquire.

Speaking on the occasion, the Iranian Artist, Siamak Azmi, said: “The exhibition comprises of eleven paintings, displayed in sequence, representing philosophy and art. The images capture the neglect that the contemporary human-being faces, forcing us to drift away from our true aspirations.”

The artist Siamak Azmi is a graduate in Geology. He started painting in 1990 and since 1992, has moved on to being a fine-arts teacher. His work is renowned for the skillful art with philosophy.

The exhibition is scheduled to run until the 30th of March from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm, in Building 22, Gallery 2 at the Cultural Village premises.