UAE, will be hosting recording hip hop artist, Russ,  from Atlanta, Georgia for the very first time this month, at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Al Jazeera Ghantoot (next to Blue Marlin) on Saturday, April 29. Russ has been in partnership with Columbia records (Sony) since June, 2016 and brings to the stage, music that is produced, mixed, mastered, engineered and written by the maestro himself.

This up and coming musical whizz who hails from the breeding ground of hip hop artists, started making his beats at the age of 14. Inspired by G-Unit, 50 Cent and Eminem, Russ mainly focuses on the Hip Hop, Contemporary RnB and Rap genres.

This concert is the launch of new brand and organizer, 1520 , which aims to emphasize the current global renaissance of urban culture, while referencing the depth of the history of Hip Hop. 1520 encompasses a worldwide trend of hip hop music, while encouraging emerging international artists to visit the region, and local artists to pursue their talents to represent the birth of this new movement in the Middle East.

Russ, being the first artist to kick-off the launch in the UAE, stated that this is one of his top 5 fan bases in the world, with his largest fan base being Saudi Arabia. He is also widely popular in Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan and was the first rapper to play the arena in Beirut, Lebanon.

Despite the fact that Lebanon is not even within his top 10 fan bases, he visited Beirut twice within six months and brought respective crowds of 3000 and 2000 people to the Garten and Uberhaus.

The concert will see the likes of RnB and Hip Hop DJs and other local artists along with food trucks for a complete outdoor music festival experience.

Ticket Details:

1. Regular area ranges from 250AED to 350AED (67USD to 95USD)

2. Golden Circle Area ranges 400AED to 550AED (100USD to 150USD)

3. VIP Area entails purchase of bottles only (21+)

Timing: 6pm – 12am (Russ to perform at 9pm)

ABOUT 1520

Owned by Rinov8 Group & Uberhaus Holding, 1520 will be launched on April 29, 2017 as a tribute to a pivotal phase in the city of Bronx, New York. Legendary DJ Kool Herc along with Coke La Rock gave birth to a new genre of music in the community room of 1520 Sedgewick Avenue, at a time when the place was suffering from extreme crimes and gang violence. The conception of this culture has aided countless individuals, by providing them with an alternative means of self-expression. The State of New York now officially recognizes the building as “the birthplace of Hip Hop” and renamed the street Hip Hop Boulevard. 1520 aims to provide a platform for both international and local artists alike in the region, to express their talents in this genre of music.


Magali Doueihi