Brand new Funfair to be launched


Those who love going to exhibitions and funfairs have reasons to cheer as a new event is getting ready to be launched at the Pearl Beach near the Diplomatic Club in West Bay.

The event, which will prominently feature families and artisans engaged in home-based businesses, is expected to attract a large crowd, reported Qatar Tribune.

The funfair, which will run for four months, will host pavilions to display home-made products by families. A variety of entertainment facilities will also be on offer. The funfair is expected to go live within the next 10 days and will last all summer.

It is understood that half of the income generated from the fair will go to support of cancer patients in Qatar.

The beach, which lies adjacent to the Diplomatic Club, is a popular picnic spot for families. In addition to helping families and artisans market their products better, the funfair will also be a welcome addition to Qatar’s burgeoning tourism sector.

Will you be going for the event once it opens its doors?

Picture courtesy: Qatar Tribune