Al Masah Capital bags prestigious “Best MENA Asset Manager award 2017”


Al Masah Capital added another feather to its cap and another addition to its crowded trophy cabinet by winning the prestigious “Best MENA Asset Manager 2017” award at the recently held MENA Fund Manager Performance Awards ceremony. Al Masah Capital’s industry peers and MENA FM’s judging panel recognized AMCL’s incredible growth story of the last 6 years and awarded the company and its management and employees one of the highest honors of the night.

Commenting on the win, Shailesh Dash, Founder and CEO of AMCL, remarked, “A remarkable achievement and recognition for a group of people that deserve all the praise; we always envisioned setting a newer and higher standard for fund management performance and we are delighted and humbled that our industry peers hold us in such high esteem”.

AMCML SEO, Saikat Kumar added, “This award is a testament to the team; over the last 6 years this team has worked hard to achieve new goals and elevate themselves above the competition. We are very happy to receive such recognition as it shines a light on all the years of determination, sweat and tears put in by the management and the team.”

Head of Asset Management, Akber Naqvi: “Al Masah Capital has always prided itself on recognizing an opportunity, being smart, flexible and dynamic to capture this opportunity and placing itself at the heart of the next cycle, thereby ensuring a rate of return for its investors and shareholders that is peerless; the regional asset management industry is changing, adapting and growing and this award shows that AMCL is equipped and ready to be at the forefront of the evolution”.

Al Masah Capital being awarded “Beat MENA Asset Manager 2017” adds to its long list of awards won over the years, including, “Outstanding Achievement by an Individual’, “Best PE House”, “Best PE Fund””, “Best Newcomer Fund”, “Best IPO Fund” etc.