4th Edition of the Musicians Day In partnership with The Mall at World Trade Center


19th of May 2017, from 1 pm to 11pm


Bring your family and friends and come to enjoy this free afternoon & evening of music and singing performances!

 All kinds of music / A large audience

Completely different from a music festival, the Musicians Day (Fête des musiciens) is above all a free popular party, open to any participant (amateur or professional musicians) who wants to perform in it. The Musicians Day allows the expression of all styles of music in a cheerful atmosphere. It aims at a large audience, working to popularize musical practice for young and not so young people from all social backgrounds. It gives an opportunity to communicate and share a very special moment through music.

The dazzling event, which will be held at the Public Square Ground Floor, in The Mall at WTCAD on Friday 19th May from 01:00pm – 11:00pm, invites music fans to enjoy an eclectic mix of musical performances as this complimentary public event supports amateur and professional artists from across the globe as they perform all genres of music for the mall visitors, with something to delight everyone.

Launched in 1982 by the French Ministry for culture, the World Music Day (Fête de la Musique) is held in more than hundred countries in Europe and over the world. It takes place every 21st June, the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.
Thanks to the impulse and the dynamism of the French cultural network abroad (the departments of Cultural Affairs at the French Embassies, French cultural Centers and Institutes and the Alliances Françaises) the Fête expanded worldwide.http://www.fetedelamusique.culture.fr/en

Each editions is different, because each artist is different, but the Musicians Day is a plebecity event by different local communities and artists. In the last three editions, we had on average 1000 participants and 90 artists in each editions.

This year we have the chance to have two professional bands Cyberbere and MAM, and young talents from the classical music association Pollen, and two French artists Françoise Fognini and Pierre Baillot of the TRIBU band.

Since three years, The Mall at WTCAD, organizes with Alliance Française the Musicians Day Festival. The aim of the mall is to promote culture and Francophonie; this goal meets Alliance Française’s one. This special edition is an occasion to gather all the Abu Dhabi’s communities around music. This year’s edition will take place in May instead of June due to Ramadan month.

Cyberberes :

A multi-percussionist with reconized talents, Malika Abbes is now embarking on a personal project in footsteps of her Berber roots. Drawing deeply from ancestral rhythms and songs, she mixes samples, instruments and voice. The electronic loops echo the vibrations of skins and strings, bridging old and new. Around Malika, conductor of this variable geometry company, a genuine tower of Babel is built of virtuoso musicians, singers or slammers, and each come to bring its cornerstone to the service of this singular project.


MAM is the duo composed  by Viviane Arnoux, accordioniste and singer and François Michaud, violonist. During 20 years on stage and 8 albums, they generously resonated their music, mixing freely all musical’s genres: jazz , world music, electro, pop, musette  (french popular folk music).

Site : www.mammusique.com

You might have met them at the indian cultural center for their new creation :

« Human Swing Box ».

This project is the result of reflections and sound researchs with organic instruments and a mischievous synth, provoked by the need to participate in the evolution of our culture, constantly changing. Since 2007 with the album “Meddled Times” MAM works on the concept of time and its influence on the artists, catalysts of the emotions and the sensations that the era induce.

Pollen : “sow the seeds of music” in young people

Pollen is an initiative that organised its first concert in November 2015, with the desire to complement Abu Dhabi’s commitment to music and arts. Pollen is a charitable association that aims to provide a platform for, and showcase the skills of, young musicians, UAE-residents, alongside professional musicians. Pollen wants to provide motivation, goals, and performance experience that enables UAE-based talent to grow.

Françoise Fognini and Pierre Baillot of the TRIBU band.

Françoise is a full artist (singer, musician, comedian, casting director, coach…) specialized in the interpretation of the contemporary music. Since 15 years, she is in many jazz club and jazz brand around the world. In 2013, his first album was a success.

Now she is the director of the brand TRIBU an ecologist brand.

Pierre is a saxophonist, flute and oud player. Since many years, he practice an improvise music influenced by the contemporary saxophonist and electro musicians.  In 2003, he create the Maido Project with a mixt of jazz, electro and world music.

In 2013, his album ZAFRAN LOUNGE has a good success.




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